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The handwritten note on the back of the old clock radio read in red marker, “door prize Caring Place ‘92 Vol’trs’ dinner.”  If you have any connection to The Caring Place, those written words might bring a smile to your face or maybe an astonished, “Wow!”

As we enter some colder weather, we would like to remind you of The Caring Place's Inclement Weather Policy.

In the last several years, The Caring Place has implemented a modified mission statement which we think better clarifies who we are and what we do. 

What was your resolution for 2022?  Are you focussing on family, friends or maybe some much needed self care?  What about nonprofits?  Are you supporting one this year?  I named several in this post so it’s not lost on me that we have a lot of places that need our time, talents and gifts in Georgetown.  With MLK day this month I’d like to challenge you to do something meaningful.

Won't you join us in helping others? Since 1985, The Caring Place has provided for the basic human needs of all people in our community in a welcoming, respectful and caring way.

As a former Executive Director here, John certainly has some inside knowledge of this organization and it led me to ask him a few questions about why The Caring Place is special.  John has experience in a number of nonprofits, so why does he still support this one and encourage you to as well?  Please enjoy this interview.

Kerri and her husband, Roland, started a Holiday Food Drive tradition 13 years ago.

At The Caring Place neighbors in need often want to know how they can help us, especially when they have received some type of support from the organization themselves. Dave Lyons is one of those people. Dave's story began at The Caring Place in April.

It's time to take part in the biggest giving day of the year! Celebrate GivingTuesday whether that be through giving your time, your gifts, talents or monetary contributions. Every gift, both big and small, helps make a difference. 

After the death of her grandfather, Victoria knew she needed a new path for her life, one that would give her life meaning after his passing. She packed up and moved to Texas with a job lead.

What is “Shopping for Good?”  This is the act of shopping in support of a cause.  In our case, when you shop in these ways, you are supporting The Caring Place mission to provide for the basic human needs of all people in our community in a welcoming, respectful and caring way.  Revenue generated from these various forms of shopping help The Caring Place support its neighbors in need with food, rent, utilities and other critical bills.  When our neighbors are in crisis, The Caring Place is a lifeline.

We'd love to share some information with you that we hope will give you an inside look at what is happening at The Caring Place...We know these changes have caused some inconveniences to those wishing to donate items, but in order to best carry out our mission with the people power and resources we have had this year, they have been the right choices for us.

People are the heart of The Caring Place. Volunteers are a huge part of that. Prior to the pandemic, on any given day, you could find volunteers sorting and pricing items for our stores, providing superior customer service, merchandising store displays like pros, serving neighbors with food, coordinating information to assist those in need and so much more.

My basic needs were met.  Having those needs met makes life fairly stable and easier to weather even with a few hiccups.  It made it easy to get excited about a rock on a hike.  But what if I lost my job?  What if a family member got sick and I couldn’t pay for expenses?  What if I was evicted or couldn’t put food on the table for my family?  What if I sunk into depression due to a loss?  My patience made me an easy person to live and work with during this past year, but would I still have that easy going nature and sense of calm if my world was crumbling around me?  Would I still see a heart-shaped rock on a hike and discover a spark of joy or hope?  

Recently, we interviewed Board Member Dayne and his wife Pam Carlson about why they give. They’ve always been generous, but during Amplify they participated in our Board Match. Dayne shared with us that he grew up in the Methodist church and he remembered something John Wesley said about giving, "Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” Dayne said that quote stuck with him through his life and is one of the many reasons he and Pam give today. 

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