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Volunteer Opportunities

Individual Volunteers

For over 30 years The Caring Place has counted on the community to provide a committed and professional volunteer workforce to help families in need.  As The Caring Place has continued to grow, so has our need to enhance and supplement our critical volunteer workforce. The Caring Place offers volunteers over 30 different service options, spread over 12 morning and afternoon shifts, Monday thru Saturday, and a late shift on Thursday night in the store.  We also have flexible shifts available to accommodate everyone’s schedule. To start your volunteer experience simply fill out the volunteer application.  We will need to run a criminal background check.  Once the check is complete you will be called in for a comprehensive tour so you can see what the various volunteer positions involve.

Important: If you need community service hours or are volunteering for one day, there is no need to complete an application. Instead, please contact Rita at 512-943-0702.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Due to COVID-19 there are no new volunteer opportunities at this time.

Receptionist – Reception volunteers are the first point of contact for our clients.  Volunteers greet clients, assist clients with gathering necessary paperwork regarding their crisis, input client information into computer system and answer incoming phone calls as needed.

Switchboard Operator – Phone Operators First point of contact for people calling for information about The Caring Place.  Volunteers in this role assist with questions regarding store and office hours, client assistance requirements and donations information.  Phone operators will also provide referral information to those who are out of the service area for The Caring Place.

Intake – Intake volunteers input client documentation into our computer system and perform general clerical tasks as necessary.  They ensure all the needed documentation is present.

Client Advocate – Client Advocate volunteers assess needs and provide service to individuals and families in crisis and make appropriate referrals.  This position requires volunteers to interact with clients in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner to administer practical, short-term assistance with professional courtesy.

Quality Assurance – Quality Assurance volunteers are the check point for data entry of client information into The Caring Place computer database.  Volunteers in this role have a checklist of items they are to review to verify the data for accuracy. 

Pantry Client Helper – Pantry workers are responsible for assisting clients with selection and bagging of groceries.  Other duties include:  greeting customers, answering questions, and breaking down bulk items into distributable sizes. Pantry Warehouse Worker – Pantry warehouse workers are responsible for accepting, weighing and recording food donations, stocking the food pantry and keeping the warehouse clean and organized.

Donation Area Worker – Donation area workers receive donations of items in the drive through donation area.  They greet donors, assist with the unloading of the donors’ vehicle and provide a receipt if needed. Once the donations are unloaded, they are unpacked and sorted into shopping carts.

Cashier  – Cashiers are responsible for assisting customers with purchases at checkout and performing other customer service duties in our resale store.  This includes greeting customers, answering questions and referring customers to a manager when necessary. 

Merchandisers – Merchandisers work in all areas of display in the store and are responsible for participating in the setup of holiday and seasonal displays.  Duties include unpacking merchandise and arranging merchandise in visually pleasing displays.

Pricers – There are numerous pricing areas which include: audio/visual, bicycles, books, clothing and accessories, crafts and fabrics, electronics, games and puzzles, holiday décor, house wares and decorative, jewelry, linens, luggage, paper goods, purses, shoes, small engines, sporting goods, toys and vintage.  Pricers in all areas should have a general knowledge of the merchandise to be priced.

Security – Security volunteers are expected to be vigilant watchers of the activities of the store and its customers.  Need to be ready to intervene if a customer is not being respectful to our store, its policies, and other customers, clients or volunteers.  The security personnel may be called upon to perform customer service duties such as answering customers’ questions and directing them to management when necessary.

And many, many more…………

*Opportunities also available in Fabrics & Crafts, Stuffed Animals, Seasonal, Linens and Toys.  Work in Jewelry, Electronics or Books requires special knowledge or skills.

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