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Make a Donation to our Food Pantry!

At this time, we are not accepting non-perishable item donations.  We are reducing handling and creating an efficient Food Pantry drive through by purchasing all of our food in bulk from Central Texas Food Bank.  While you can no longer have those fun food drives in your schools, offices and organizations, you can still make monetary gifts!  Monetary gifts allow us to purchase more food than you would be able to buy in stores, so it's incredibly impactful.

Make those donations at

We've heard some groups like to call this a "No Food Food Drive!"  See below for an image that helps us illustrate how your dollar fill our pantry for our neighbors in need.  You can now borrow a "Little Blue Barrel" and have a monetary food drive! Find out more here:

  • St. David's Foundation
    St. David's Foundation
  • CTFB
  • GT Health
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