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People Who Care

Simon Sinek said, “If there are people who care, there is always hope.” I read this quote on Mr. Sinek’s Instagram account one day this summer. I doubt Simon Sinek has been to The Caring Place, but this statement rings true in this community and, most assuredly, this place. We have over 300 volunteers and over 30 employees from various backgrounds at The Caring Place and the one thing we all undoubtedly have in common is a desire to care for people in our community. I think I can stretch that single commonality into our community as well. Folks donate items here for many reasons, including a need to declutter, but I think most folks care where they are giving. They care that we give clothing and household items to those who may have nothing or that we can sell them to help fund programs that assist neighbors in crisis. Community members shop and give monetary gifts to The Caring Place for the same reason. After five years of working at The Caring Place, I’ve been fortunate to see this caring nature on repeat in northern Williamson County. So with that, I’ll leave this blog post short and sweet, just like this passing summer, and be grateful that hope has no end in sight.

Ways to get involved for caring friends starts here:

  • St. David's Foundation
    St. David's Foundation
  • CTFB
  • GT Health
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