Seasonal Programs

How-to-Qualify-ButtonTo receive services for the following programs, families must live in our service area of Georgetown and Northern Williamson County, unless otherwise noted. You must complete an application, be able to provide documentation for all family members in your household and provide required documentation.  Eligibility for all services is based on proof of crisis and need. Unless noted, appointments are not needed. Directions


Coats for Kids

Gift Cards to Wal-Mart for the purchase of a new coat for a child are provided each Fall to qualified families.  Additional income restrictions apply.

  • Ages 0-18 years (School age children must be in school)
  • Enrollment and distribution date will be announced in the Fall.
  • Qualified Caring Place clients may register at that time.




Family Eldercare Fan Drive

In collaboration with our partner, Family Eldercare, fans are given to qualifying families and individuals in early summer.

  • Some families may qualify for an air conditioner if it is deemed medically necessary if the units are available through family Eldercare.
  • Program sponsored by Family Eldercare.
  • Free fans for families with dependent children, 60 years old and over and those with disabilities.
  • Number of fans are limited to numbers of rooms in the home and availability.
  • Application required.
  • Eligibility based on the above mentioned and meeting income requirements.

Holiday Meal Gift Card Program 

This program available to qualified Caring Place families.  (Additional income restrictions apply.)  HžEžB gift cards are provided to individuals and families, allowing them to purchase food of their choosing for their holiday meal which is consistent with their family traditions and sensitive to their culture.

  • The cards are restricted to block the purchase of alcohol, tobacco or gasoline.
  • Value of the gift card is based on number of family members in the household.
  • Enrollment  and distribution date will be announced in the fall.  Qualified Caring Place clients may register then.

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