Pantry Needs


The Food Pantry at The Caring Place relies on the generous donations of non-perishable foods to keep our shelves filled for area families in need. Cash donations are also accepted and are used to purchase needed perishable items. In 2013, more than 191 tons food with an equivalent retail value of over $509,800 was distributed to 5,168 area families through the Food Pantry.


Interested in volunteering in the Food Pantry? Give Rita a call at 512-943-0702 for more details.


This week, we are most in need of the items listed below:


UPDATED:  June 22, 2015


2)      Canned Tomato Products

3)      Refried Beans

4)      Personal Care Items

5)      Canned Pears

6)      Dried Beans

* No oatmeal needed at this time.







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