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Sun City Neighborhood Helps Keep Food Pantry Full

It kind of feels like Giving Tuesday has turned into Giving Wednesday around here (and that is A-ok!) Today Kerri Schroeder of Sun City brought $3,290 collected by their Neighborhood 13 residents! Kerri and her husband, Roland, started a Holiday Food Drive tradition 13 years ago. Each year N13 has contributed over 1,000 pounds of food to The Caring Place Food Pantry. The last 2 years the neighborhood has switched to monetary giving, and we are so glad they did! When you consider that in 2020 The Caring Place was able to purchase 14 pounds of food per dollar donated, N13's 2021 donation should buy over 46,000 pounds of food! That is simply amazing! Thank you to all the neighborhoods and groups that are making sure The Caring Place Food Pantry stays full all year long!

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