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Meet Therese

Therese Vertruyen-Verdonk is another one of our volunteers. She's known for being generous with her time. She regularly helps our Donations team no matter the weather. She's pictured here with Team Member Brandon Mading while working outdoors in August! You could find her out in the warehouse all summer long! She and her husband, Carlos, are also known for their financial generosity to The Caring Place. In an effort to be more energy efficient throughout our buildings, The Caring Place hoped for automatic doors that provided a better barrier between our indoor and outdoor space. Our old, floppy and cumbersome doors were not cutting it. Therese and Carlos made that dream a reality. We now have three sets of energy-efficient, motion-sensor doors to help us reduce our energy costs while also providing safe, automatic passageways as we move items in and out of our warehouse. You've probably seen these beautiful new doors as you've shopped at The Shops at The Caring Place. Our staff and volunteers love gliding right through when their hands are full. Thank you Carlos and Therese for filling this need!

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