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Confident Changes

The Caring Place Case Management program is for individuals ready to change their lives. They make and meet goals that will increase their quality of life with a Case Manager by their side, helping with resources, questions, and accountability. Participants often have to work on their confidence despite making that first step to get help.  Our Case Managers seem to have a way of providing support and encouragement while allowing the participant to take the lead. Each individual success boosts their confidence and keeps pushing them forward.  One client recently came forward to share her story, and upon meeting her, I was impressed by her subtle confidence.  While she was incredibly grateful to her Case Manager, Xinia, for giving her support, resources, advice, and a listening ear, it was Summer who made a plan and took quick and steady actions to change her life and that of her family. On the outside looking in, she was one of the surest people I’d ever met. For some people, when a crisis hits, there is no stopping a mom on a mission.

Summer, a mother of two young boys and seven months pregnant with a daughter, was referred to The Caring Place by Williamson County Victim Services. Her domestic violence situation was the catalyst in her story, and you’ll be amazed at what she accomplished. It all started with her ending a situation she knew she could not be in anymore.  Domestic violence impacted her ability to work and keep herself safe. When Summer obtained a restraining order, she was ready to care for her young family independently. The Caring Place first helped with mortgage assistance and food while she had her baby and made her next move. Through Crisis Assistance, she was able to keep her home and provide shelter for her family, which was very important to her. Knowing that Summer had bigger goals, The Caring Place referred her to our Case Management program, where she met her Case Manager, Xinia.

Summer says, “It’s [Case Management program] been amazing. Xinia put me in touch with Goodwill for employment and Opportunities for education.  I was a dental assistant for 12 years at a non-profit, and I knew I wanted to stay in non-profit. I was able to complete my non-profit certification for management. Thanks to The Caring Place, Opportunities, and Goodwill, but it all started with The Caring Place.”

Xinia shares, “Case Management relies on a client’s plan and motivation, which in Summer’s case was so obvious. She was so motivated and ready to take action.  She had a clear plan to move forward with her life. She did all the research regarding the certification she obtained. In every conversation I had with her, she was ready to take the next step.  I admire her determination despite circumstances that were against her. She fully utilized the resources The Caring Place offered her, and I see her as so empowered now.”

In this partnership, Xinia described Summer as honest and transparent.  “This helped me, help her,” according to Xinia. Summer’s motivation was her family and she’s excited to get back on her feet. She says her next step is employment, but she appreciates The Caring Place for checking on her and ensuring she’s got this.  Summer said, “You kind of become a friend; it’s not only business.  It’s a friendship as well.” Xinia interjected, “She doesn’t give up! She makes my day!”

“I want to tell anyone having a rough time, that there is help out there.  All you have to do is ask. Keep your head up. I was a victim, but I never felt that should determine who I am.  I am more than that. I am a strong mom and have come a long way.” 

With her ending statements, I hope you see a glimpse of what I saw when I met Summer. That confidence is there, and The Caring Place is honored to be part of her story through resources and hope.

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