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Do you know how to "Amplify" donations?

Do you know how to "Amplify" donations?

The Caring Place recently had its busiest month in the Food Pantry.  We are breaking records around here.  The Caring Place gave food to nearly 3,000 people in January of 2019.  People may be curious how we are able to provide 12 days worth of food per person in our Food Pantry.  That’s a lot when we are talking about just a few people, but here we are talking about nearly 3,000 people in one month!  The value of that is over $75 per person.  If you are a family of 5, that’s $375 worth of food each month that can be received in The Caring Place Food Pantry.  When a family can save $375 each month, they can pay a medical bill, car insurance, or a utility bill.  So, food from our Food Pantry makes a huge impact in people’s lives.  It’s something that may seem incredibly basic to some, but to the neighbors that come here, it’s how they improve the quality of their family’s life when things get rough. 

So, how does The Caring place manage to give this much food away?  The answer is simple.  People like you.  Our community pulls together in a big way every single year.  Businesses, schools, religious organizations and civic groups hold food drives to keep our pantry full.  Food Drives and food donations keeps The Caring Place Food Pantry stocked with a wonderful variety for people.

There is another action people take to keep the Food Pantry full through, and that is monetary donations.  When friends of The Caring Place make monetary donations we can purchase more food than you could in the grocery store.  The Central Texas Food Bank has given us a Platinum Designation that allows us to purchase items at discounted prices.  For us, this is simply smart shopping when we have so many people to feed.

And, it turns out, many of you are smart too.  When Hochheim Prairie Farm Mutual Insurance Association heard about our upcoming Amplify Austin campaign, they came to us with a generous donation and requested that it be donated during this special campaign.  Why did they choose to donate during Amplify Austin?  From February 28th at 6 p.m. to March 1st at 6 p.m. all donations to The Caring Place will be amplified, meaning there is a match.  The Caring Place Board of Directors and St. David’s Foundation is generously matching all donations to encourage more giving.  Thank you Hochheim, not only for your generous gift, but leading the way in this campaign as a smart giver!  Your donation will be amplified and spent wisely so that we can continue to see record numbers of people in our Food Pantry.

Want to join this exclusive club of savvy givers?  Please visit to schedule your Amplify Austin donation today.  All scheduled donations made by March 1st at 6 p.m.  will be amplified.

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