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Community Outreach

Blue Barrel Campaign

Contact Rita Turner, Community Engagement Manager at or 512-943-0702.

Little Blue Barrel Program & Guidelines

The Caring Place’s Hunger Free Holidays campaign runs from October 1st through December 31st.  During this campaign, The Caring Place prioritizes filling our Food Pantry for the holiday season and beyond.  This year we are introducing a “Little Blue Barrel” for our supporters to encourage monetary gifts to the Food Pantry.  Due to space and staffing limitations, The Caring Place has learned that they can most safely, efficiently and impactfully distribute food by purchasing food in bulk from the Central Texas Food Bank and distributing it in the drive through.  This new process has kept The Caring Place consistently serving neighbors through a challenging time.  While this temporary program change means we no longer accept Food Drive pantry donations, YOU can still help!  In fact, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Simply borrow a Little Blue Barrel for your church, neighborhood, business, club or other organization and start collecting money for The Caring Place Food Pantry.  Your dollars go a long way.

  • Contact Rita Turner at or 512-943-0702 to arrange the reservation of a Little Blue Barrel.
  • Please provide name, organization (if applicable), address, phone number and email address.
  • The Little Blue Barrel will be loaned for a 7-day period. This allows The Caring Place to deposit any checks that may be put in the barrel.  If your fundraiser is complete in less than 7 days, please feel free to drop off the Little Blue Barrel to Rita at 2000 Railroad Avenue or call 512-943-0702 for a local pick up.
  • Please keep the Little Blue Barrel in your possession during your week of fundraising.  Since you are receiving monetary donations, we recommend that you do not leave the Little Blue Barrel unattended at events or in public.
  • If a donor would like a receipt, please have them provide their name and address and attach it to their donation.

On average in 2020, The Caring Place could purchase 14 pounds of food, the equivalent of 12 meals, for every dollar spent.

How?  We are Platinum Partners at the Central Texas Food Bank.  This partnership provides us with deep discounts and access to a lot of fresh and shelf stable food!  Our community can’t get deals like this at the grocery store.  Here are some pricing examples of some recent trips with our truck:

$0.15 - a 16oz jar of peanut butter

$0.35 - a 48oz bottle of vegetable oil

$0.60 - a  64oz bottle of apple juice 

$0.15 - a 15oz can of peas

$0.15 - a 15oz can of diced tomatoes

$0.95 - 5LB bag of chicken strips

Pretty amazing prices!  Thank you so much for helping feed our neighbors in need by hosting our Little Blue Barrel

Contact Rita Turner, Community Engagement Manager at or 512-943-0702.

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