Your Donations At Work

With your help in 2013…

  • The Caring Place provided over 340 tons of food through our five different feeding programs. This equates to 566,462 meals.
  • The Food Pantry alone provided 191 tons of food (318,625 meals) to 5,168 families comprised of 12,745 individuals, valued at $509,800. Each emergency food order weighs about 30 pounds and is valued at almost $40 per person. This will provide the equivelent of 7 days worth of food for each person in the family.
  • $186,886 was spent by The Caring Place to pay rent or mortgage payments for 543 families to avoid foreclosure or eviction.
  • $151,495 was paid by The Caring Place for utility bills for 680 families so their service was not disconnected. $19,165.77 of these funds came from the Georgetown Good Neighbor Fund.
  • $124,893 in vouchers were provided to 2,813 individuals needing clothing or household items, which they redeemed in our thrift Store, The Shops at The Caring Place.
  • 533 people from 254 families received medical care, prescriptions or assistive medical devices valued at $33,921.
  • Fresh Food For Families provided 82 tons of food (136,433 meals) for hungry families.
  • 1,416 children received coats through our Coats for Kids program, valued at $28,320.
  • An average of 152 seniors age 55 and over receive food monthly through HOPE (Healthy Options Program for the Elderly) which provides a supplemental food order to help them meet nutritional requirements. 15 tons of food was given out through HOPE; this equates to 25,029 meals.
  • Our Daily Bread is provided because of the dedication of our volunteer drivers and through the generosity of the Georgetown HEB Stores. In 2013,  we were able to distribute over 52 tons of “day old” bakery products.
  •  Our Holiday Meal Gift Card Program provided 674 families with gift cards to purchase their holiday meal at H-E-B, valued at $24,590.


Our Dedicated Volunteers Helping Every Day

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