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What leads us to say "What if?"

What leads us to say "What if?"

Do you love looking at facts and figures? When you support a non-profit, it’s often important to review the Annual Report which includes this information. We recently released ours and you may have seen it in the newspaper, in the mail, on our Facebook page, in our newsletter or on our website. Why do we share it? It’s a simple way for us to show you a snapshot of our organization. We are proud of the work you help us do in the community. From that simple report you can see in 2017 we helped over 6,900 neighbors in need. We allocated over $800,000 to help neighbors with utility bills, medical costs, transportation, shelter and more. We also provided over 1.6 million dollars’ worth of goods that the community helps provide like housewares, clothes, and food. When the math is done, the total financial impact we have on people in our community with your help is over 2.5 million dollars!

What else is in that report? Our expenses and revenues. With a basic pie chart we illustrate that 68% of our revenue comes from our stores that you help fill with donated items and that you also shop in. In fact, those thrift stores cover 100% of our operating costs. This means when you help us even more with generous monetary donations, a full 100% of every dollar goes right back to area families in need.

Do you notice that I keep saying “your help?” The Caring Place is a community created and community supported organization. It was created out of a real need in northern Williamson County by people like you. Without that initial creation by our community over 30 years ago and the continued community support, our impact wouldn’t be what it is. Because of you, our history in Williamson County has developed valued partners and sponsors to further the mission. We have worked hard to be trusted members of the community and good stewards of your resources. That hard work is paying off because we are able to get great rates on food from Central Texas Food Bank. Our credibility and personal testimonies in the community allow us to do even more with your money than in the days when we were smaller and not quite as established.

Why do I say all this? Because no matter how great that report says we are doing, we still need your help! Our population is growing as is the population of people that need our help. Our minds can go wild sometimes with the thoughts of “What if.” What if our friends don’t make those financial donations this year? What if our neighbors don’t donate their gently used housewares? What if our volunteers give less of their time? What if new and loyal customers stop shopping in our thrift stores? Each year, we trust that you will keep coming back to us. And you do. And when those donations keep coming, our “what if” statements sounds a little different. What if we can help more children with coats this year? What if our services can expand this year? What if we can provide more food to families this year? What if we help more people find the resources they need to receive an education or become employed? What if we help more people in our community get back on their feet? These are the “What if” statements we dream of. How can we do more? The answer is still “your help.”

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