Food Facts


The Caring Place distributed 914,827 pounds of food to area families through food programs during 2016. Utilizing the conversion formula provided by the Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB) in Austin of 1.2 pounds of food equaling one meal, The Caring Place provided 762,356 meals to area families in 2016.

The Food Pantry is the largest of the food programs administered by The Caring Place. In 2016, the Food Pantry provided 629,195 pounds of food for 17,977 individual visits.

Families depend on The Caring Place to help them put food on the table and may qualify to receive a food order once in 30 days.

A ten-day emergency food order weighs about 35 pounds, and has an equivalent retail value of $59.50 per person.

The Caring Place provided 187,853 pounds of fresh produce impacting 15,460 people through Fresh Food For Families.

Two-hundred-twenty eight older adults received supplemental groceries once a month through our Healthy Options Program for the Elderly (HOPE) Program  totaling 22,177 pounds.

The Caring Place receives food for the Food Pantry from the CTFB and from community food drives.

Cash donations are accepted in lieu of food, and are used to purchase needed perishables from HžEžB and CTFB.

CTFB statistics reflect that one in six families in Central Texas experience food insecurity.

Help us help families in Georgetown and rural Williamson County through your continued support of the Food Pantry.

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