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Vision Statement

The Caring Place is a local, faith-based non-profit organization that addresses the basic human needs of people within its service area, and collaborates with community partners to improve the quality of life of every client.

Mission Statement

Honoring its faith-based roots, The Caring Place serves its clients and communities by:

  • Responding to the basic human needs of people in Georgetown and Northern Williamson County
  • Providing access to resources that help clients to improve their quality of life
  • Ensuring fiscal integrity to sustain the necessary programs and services to meet identified needs on a continuing basis

Engaging and empowering clients, volunteers, donors and staff to create a welcoming environment and a place with purpose.

What does The Caring Place do?

The Caring Place is a non-profit, charitable organization whose main function is to help people in the Georgetown and northern Williamson County area with emergency needs. We help with food, clothing, rent, utilities, medical expenses, emergency shelter and transportation needs. In 2013, the total value of these services provided exceeded $1.1 Million.

Who makes up The Caring Place?

The Caring Place is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors, supported by a 34-member Advisory Council comprised of local churches, civic organizations and businesses, and is staffed by 16 full-time paid professionals as well as over 450 volunteers.

Where do The Caring Place clients come from?

Families in need may call or visit The Caring Place during regular business hours to apply for assistance.  Referrals are also accepted from churches, schools, social welfare agencies, and the general community. The Caring Place serves families residing in Georgetown, Andice, Bartlett, Florence, Granger, Jarrell, Jonah, Schwertner, Walburg, Weir and the portion of Hutto living within GISD.

How is The Caring Place funded?

Almost two-thirds of the organization’s annual operating revenues come from the sale of unwanted, donated items from the community for re-sale in The Caring Place’s Thrift Store, The Shops at The Caring Place. The remaining operating funds come from generous donations from financial donors, community partners, local foundations, the United Way, and the City of Georgetown.


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