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2013 volunteer award winners Al Beaver, Steve Scholobohm, and Jodie Steger (for web)

Al Beaver, Steve Schlobohm, Jodie Steger


Al Beaver has donated his time and talent to The Caring place for 2 1/2 years. He is known for his ready reply, “I’ll do it!,” said with a great big smile on his face, matching his unshakeable positive attitude. Whether it be Fresh Food For Families distribution, decorating for Sweets, Treats and Trees, sorting and pricing Christmas ornaments, assisting in the Food Pantry, pricing Tiny Finds for Re-Finds, or cashiering (his regular shift plus substituting for others), Al is always willing to help. Al’s contributions to The Caring Place cannot be quantified; he serves wherever and whenever there is a need. We are delighted that Al has chosen to share his time and talents with us, and we thank him for the smiles, the positive attitude and the many hours of work he provides to further the mission of The Caring Place.

Steve Schlobohm has been a client advocate for 4 years at The Caring Place.  After retiring from the US Forest Service, Steve wanted to do something about poverty and to help people in need.  Steve volunteers two 4-hour shifts a week at TCP and also for the St. Vincent DePaul Society.  He is a member of Santa Rose Catholic Church and has lived in Georgetown for 5 years.

Jodie Steger can be described as caring, resourceful, dedicated, dependable and conscientious. Jodie is the “medical expert” in Client Services. Initially, she was trained to help clients with simple medical assistance, such as prescriptions and doctor appointment co-pays. However, Jodie took the initiative to research existing medical resources, and in doing so, found more ways she could help clients. She frequently utilizes prescription coupons on the internet, saving clients and The Caring Place hundreds of dollars. In addition, Jodie routinely calls doctors, dentists and pharmacies to inquire about discounts for the clients. Jodie continually goes over and above to provide our clients with resources, services, and most important, hope.


Mike Carson receives The Caring Heart Award (for web)

David Earl shakes hands with Mike Carson


Mike Carson is our tremendously talented “Mr. Fixit”. Prior to construction beginning on the Annex last year, Mike and a volunteer crew were heavily involved in the demolition work. Under Mike’s supervision, he and the crew tore out the suspended ceiling, removed the heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems and duct work, took up floor coverings and removed insulation from the walls and ceilings. According to our architect, the work completed on The Annex by Mike and his crew saved The Caring Place over $60,000. Mike continues to help us each week by fixing and repairing items at both facilities.




Sheryl Rich receives The Caring Heart Award (for web)

Sheryl Rich receives The Caring Heart Award



Sheryl Rich is one of our fantastic and versatile volunteers who “does it all.” In 2013, Sheryl volunteered in Reception, Intake, Client Services, Donations, and Fresh Food For Families, as well as serving on the Client Services Focus Group and the Client Advocate Training Team. She also developed a more practical and effective way to orient and train new Client Services volunteers by “following the file”. She is well respected by her peers, who see her as a volunteer leader who is approachable, knowledgeable and caring about the many complexities related to serving our clients.



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